It is a very headache problem for hosting a website from a local pc to a live server. Sometimes we face a horrible situation when trying to host our website. Today I will talk about how easily we can solve GCC compiler error problems.

What is actually a GCC compiler error is?

GCC compiler which is required to run such commands seems to have been disabled or required restart permission in Namecheap shared hosting plan. You must show this error at any point of your working in the terminal. When you start hosting your Django application in Namecheap. I faced a problem when I tried to install mysqlclient. You may face this error at that point or any other point of installing MySQL. If you overcome this problem you will easily use the terminal. As you want.Ways for solving GCC MYSQL installation problem.

gcc permission problem


1) First step

   You can easily solve this problem by contacting me in live chat. When I was facing the same problem I did not understand the issue any cant describe the real problem so it takes a while and was a waste of time for me and chatting person. You will just say ``I need GCC compiler permission enable". They will understand the problem solved for you. Here I attached their reply for reference. You can follow that.


Mysql GCC compiler error in namecheap solution


2) Second step

Another way is simply add these two lines of code in your project

import pymysql



We see how easily solve unable to execute '/usr/bin/gcc':Permission denied, problem. We can use one of two-step described in this article. Hopefully, this will help you. See you next one.


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