There is a lot of time we need shell access in Cpanel. Like when we try to deploy our python apps to Cpanel, learn how to deploy your Django apps in Cpanel see here. It is very simple to set up today I will show you how to set up SSH (Shell) or terminal access in cPanel.Let's drive into it

What is SSH?

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol that is used to log into the system via a secure channel. Using SSH we can safely transfer data between two devices. With the help of SSH :

  • We can control remote hosting
  • We can able to add, remove, edit, backup and restore hosting files and directories
  • It will help easy import and export our database
  • It will create an established connection between 2 different servers

For that just need to follow these four simple steps. Let's follow those.

Step one:

Go to your cPanel dashboard search for "Manage Shell" and click to enter that. Look at the picture below

Step two:

You will see the Manage SSH page. Below there you will see Enable SSH access button just click it  It will enable the SSH, like that

Step three:

Now let's go to your Cpanel dashboard and refresh you will see the terminal there.

Step four:

Now click into the terminal and you will see a soft waring. Just click I understand and want to proceed.


And you are ready to go. Your terminal is up and running. You can use it as you want.

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