Today we will learn how to set up the Mysql database in our shared hosting Cpanel. I am using them here Namecheap you can use any of them. There are several steps you have to follow. Read them carefully and follow them you can easily do that.

First of all, go to the terminal with your project-specific virtualenv . See how to set up virtualenv in the Django project for Cpanel hosting here and follow the Mysql database setup. Then in the next steps install this package specify here.

##)Create New Database


##)Give  Database Name

Here you need to put your database name and click Create Database

##)MySQL Users Add New User

fillup the MySQL Users Add New User form and click Create User

##)Add User To Database

After that, you need to checkmark the correct username and database name you just created in the previous step and hit Add.

##)Manage User Privileges

Then checkmark ALL PRIVILEGES and click make the change.

1. Mysql database installation

 pip install pymysql

2. After that we need to install mysqlclient

pip install mysqlclient

There is a valid reason that your installation will get an error. unable to execute '/usr/bin/gcc':Permission denied.Follow this to slove that. After that follow our tutorial again
**Mysql database client installation keep in mind that the latest version of mysqlclient will not work properly. After lots of investigation I
found mysqlclient==2.1.0 is working properly.So install mysqlclient==2.1.0 .

pip install mysqlclient==2.1.0

3. After that we need to configure our database setup in our file. Just copy this below code and change the database name to your created database name the database username to your previously created username and change the password to your own database password. Keep host, port and engine as it is.

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
        'NAME': 'database name ',
        'USER': 'database username ',
        'PASSWORD': 'database password',
        'HOST': 'localhost',
        'PORT': '3306',

5. After completion of the previous steps your setup is complete you are good for the final steps.

python makemigrations
python migrate
python createsuperuser


And that's it you are ready to go with this setup. Your database connection is ready you can work with it.

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